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Easy to handle and carry

Flexible panel interlocking as toe board clips fit through also holding corners in place

Strong nylon replaceable hooks

Hooks firmly engaged in sockets and fold flat for storing

Lightweight but extremely durable

Extra secure double toe board restraint

Anti tangle guarantee

Lapping made easy, lower mesh designed for toe board restraints to fit through

Plastic Brick Guards that are Robust and Practical

Designed and tested by scaffolders, for scaffolders

Sureguard plastic brick guard features

Sureguard brick guard overview


My scaffolding company was looking for a fully functional and quick to use robust brickguard. Hours were being wasted untangling hooks on battered metal versions. New ones were great for a few uses, then were just a pain to deal with. Plastic ones tended to be of poor quality which meant they broke and flew off in the wind.  Cable ties were everywhere!

The Sureguard brick guard is a result of time spent researching, developing and adjusting the design. Made from fully recyclable plastic our brickguard has been wind tested,at 78mph and the handles securely hold the Sureguard brick guard to the scaffold. No breakages and no flying brickguards.


The Sureguard is simple to unclip from the hand rails when their use is complete. The height of the brickguard ensures they fit to the scaffold without a large gap between the brickguard and the top guardrail. Sureguard handles are easy to replace, so there’s no need to buy a whole new brickguard if the handles are ever damaged.

The Sureguard design ensures they are simple to use.  The double toe board restraints enable the brickguards to stack flat, securely and not move in transit or storage. The design makes them simple to stack, move and reuse. Use our contact form to get in touch and get a quote for your next order of brick guards.

Unrivalled windspeed resistance

Simple to stack, move and reuse

Highly durable polypropylene material

Eco-friendly replaceable hooks

EN12811-1:2003 compliance tested

Flexible placement to fill small gaps

Large range of colours

Designed and produced in Somerset, UK

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